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  3. SOUL
*Mind*Body*Soul. In our culture, we say we believe we are made up of equally important parts of mind, body, soul, but do we truly believe this? While we may make some effort towards physical exercise and nutrition, what do we do to care for our souls? When we neglect our souls, or worse, when we have sustained a "soul injury," it can manifest itself in our minds and bodies (inability to concentrate, intrusive thoughts, low energy, overeating, etc). As a wellness and psychospiritual coach, allow me to walk beside you in caring for your soul first, so healing can flow from there.


  1. GRIEF


    So many of us have been hurt by those we loved and trusted. It is devastating and heartbreaking when others betray us, are dishonest, and turn their backs on us. Some of us have even been victims of crime and abuse. This powerful workshop can set you free from all of the anger and bitterness from the past so that you can again experience life and hope.
    In this transformational workshop, women and teens will learn to combat the unrealistic and unhealthy pressures of our culture today and will learn to practice self-compassion, knowing that they are BEAUTIFUL. This retreat can launch a weekly small group, as well as Weight Loss Challenges (done for the RIGHT reasons, the RIGHT way).
    So often our lives are so busy that we often neglect one of the most important relationships we ever get to experience in life- that between a mother and daughter. Come to this workshop to reconnect, laugh, and learn to love each other more fully.
  4. GRIEF
    Grief retreats for kids (ages 6-12) and teens are days filled with games, crafts, and music that promote healing and sharing when grieving the loss of a loved one.