Like A Sunflower

Grow Like A Sunflower is designed to promote resiliency and healing in children that have experienced the death of a loved one.  Using simple language and captivating photographs, this book guides children towards a path of understanding their emotions, as well as caring for their minds, bodies, and spirits.
Trinity's New Song
When Trinity's husband dies unexpectedly, her faith is put to the test...and her faith is rewarded in this sweet story of a widow's second chance at love.

Summer Rayne
When her husband abandons her and their young son, Summer "Rayne" Henderson does not allow herself to grow bitter, but turns to her family and the Lord.  Love is nowhere on the horizon for her as a single mother...or is it?
Where She Belongs
God Thinks I'm Beautiful
Are you tired of feeling badly about yourself and obsessing about your looks and weight?  Learn what the Bible says about health and beauty!
This guided journal is perfect for your Small Group or Bible Study!  Also, ideal for a mother-daughter activity!
Forgiving yourself for the mistakes you have made may not seem possible.  Let Where She Belongs walk you through the process of self-compassion, grief, and healing.
Feeling Lost? Heartbroken?
In Need of a New Start?
"For the Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost."
Luke 19:10
If you have ever wondered if you have made so many mistakes in your life that you don't deserve love...not from anyone, and especially not from God...then, meet Rachel Locklear.

You will learn that there is no such thing as an unforgiveable sin.
Now, meet Becky, Rachel's best friend and business partner.  Though Becky may seem to have it all together, there is a void in her soul that can't seem to be filled.  

Becky has tried to fill that void with meaningless relationships and by working her fingers to the bone, and now, she has even found the love of her life.  Yet, she is still lost.

Then, she is found.