"Bunny" Phyllis Bennett

LMSW, Psychospiritual Coach, Author, and Speaker.

As a social worker and life coach, Bunny knows full well that the world is filled with pain, trauma, grief, and pressure. Like so many other women, Bunny enjoys turning the world off for a little while by getting lost in an uplifting story. As a published author, her writings gratify the soul's craving for some good old-fashioned romance and messages of hope.

In addition to writing, Bunny also offers individual, family, and small-group wellness coaching out of her private practice in Nashville, TN.  Her specialties include but are not limited to grief, self-esteem/body image, and spiritual issues.  She uses a variety of multicultural modalities to help her clients achieve balance (mind, body, soul).

Bunny is available to facilitate grief support groups or to speak at your next conference.  Please visit the Contact Me page for more information and visit the Resource page for helpful articles, blogs, and other useful ideas.   

Arvie & Bunny
A deep, thoughtful, and emotional worship album that explores the height, depth, and breadth of God's Grace. You will fall in love with "Fall" as Arvie & Bunny take you through their own unique spiritual journey to find God's mercy and grace.